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About Me


     My name is Brett Fawcett and I’ve lived in the NW for most of my life. I graduated in 2002 with a BA in music from Western Washington University. That year my dear Mother bought me a PA system so I could play my sister’s wedding. I put together an 80’s cover band and we rocked her reception, wedding singer style.


     From there we played dozens of weddings and soon that 80’s band evolved into a jazz quartet. I still enjoy playing piano, guitar, and singing all kinds of music.







      That’s my super awesome picture on the contact page. Now before you think to yourself, “Wow, this guy actually put a full size picture of himself on his website?...What a nerd,” please allow me to explain.


     A few of the discount dj companies get a bad reputation for being flaky because the person who sold you the package isn’t the same one who’s playing your wedding. I play every single wedding I book, no exceptions. There’s my picture, that’s the guy you’ll meet at the coffee shop for the consultation, who is also the same guy working your wedding.


     The idea behind the Firehouse DJ came from the fire pole I put in my house a few years back. We sure had fun saving 12 seconds everyday by taking the fire pole instead of the stairs. Sadly the Firehouse has been sold but the name lives on.